Track Records

Our key personnel have extensive local and international working experience. Some of the prominent projects that the team had actively involved or participated are as follows:-

Identity and Access Management

  • Initiated the first PKI pilot in Malaysia.
  • Active member of Digital Signature Act technical committee.
  • Involved in setting the Office of the Controller of Certification Authority (CA).
  • Reviewed the Digital Signature Regulations 1998.
  • Actively involved in establishing the first and second licensed CA in Malaysia.
  • Conceptualized and developed 2 factor authentication solution using USB mass storage device.
  • Reviewed the Terminal Line Encryption system for a multinational bank.
  • Conducted security review for local and multinational banks.
  • Conducted SOX review for US-based companies.
  • Participated in the deployment of virtual directory and single sign-on solution for a local bank.
  • Deployed identity and access management solution in local bank and government agencies.
  • Implemented SSL Authentication System for a government agency.

Smart card/ MyKad

  • Developed Windows and Linux based SDK to enable application integration with Malaysian national identity card (MyKad).
  • Developed MyKad SDK for Omron motorized reader.
  • Deployed MyKad enabled Visitor Management System in several Public Universities and organisations.
  • Involved in the deployment of MyKad based interactive multimedia kiosk.
  • Developed PC access control system using Bull CP8 smart card and demonstrated to the Minister of Science, Technology and Environment during ITX95.
  • Participated in National ID tender for Hong Kong and Oman government.
  • Involved in the development of 3-factor authentication solution and demonstrated to the former Prime Minister.
  • Implemented campus smartcard application in Hong Kong Chinese University.
  • Implemented TPG (third party gateway) system that enables government agency to perform dynamic loading/deletion of card application into/from MyKad.
  • Design, develop and deployment of Third Party Gateway for various government agencies such as FAMA, DOSH and DOF to enable dynamic loading and deletion of applet into MyKad

System development

  • Designed and developed insurance applications/modules as well as web enabling existing non-web insurance applications for US based Jackson National Life (JNL).
  • Designed and developed Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) communication module to replace IBM SNA protocol used in the local financial institution’ s mainframe system and transaction monitoring module.
  • Designed and developed a software module that interfaces with medical device used to measure human metabolism, oxygen consumption and resting metabolic rate(RMR) for a US based medical instrument company.
  • Designed and developed a SMS based workflow application for Ricoh to automate job/task dispatch to technicians responsible for servicing copier machine.
  • Extensively involved in development of a gaming application for a United Kingdom based company.
  • Design, develop and deploy Event Management System (Justwav) for an Event Management Company. The system was used by BMW, HP, Dell, Intel, MDeC and many others.
  • Design, develop and deploy Resort Reservation System (RRS) for Central Bank
  • Design, develop and deploy Customer Flow Management System (CFMS) for Central Bank
  • Design, develop and deploy Desktop SSO and Web SSO solution for Central Bank
  • Design, develop and deploy eMemo  for Central Bank
  • Design, develop and deploy iComply for Central Bank
  • Design develop and deploy Web based PDF editor for Central Bank
  • Design, develop and deploy Lexis System for Central Bank
  • Design, develop and deploy Location Based Service integration module (using symmetric multiprocessing) capable of processing (select, insert and update operation) 1.44 billion record per day and up to 3 million record per minute for a local telco.