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We provide a top-notch data encryption solution to protect your company/organization data from malevolent attacks by the hackers or insider threats. Wherever it is located, be it on-premises, virtual, public cloud, or even hybrid environments, your sensitive data must be encrypted with these solutions.

SafeNet Data-at-Rest Encryption Solutions​

We provide encryption and tokenization solutions to ensure the security of sensitive and regulated data residing in databases and applications throughout its lifecycle. Organizations can retain control of their data and meet compliance standards by ensuring only authorized individuals are able to decrypt and view sensitive information.

  • SafeNet ProtectApp: Encrypt sensitive field and application data at the point of creation
  • SafeNet ProtectDB: Protect sensitive data across databases in the data center and the cloud
  • SafeNet Tokenization: Tokenize sensitive data entering your organization and achieve compliance

The majority of an organization’s data is unstructured – text files, photos, videos, presentations, emails, web pages, and other sensitive business documents. Gemalto’s SafeNet encryption solutions protect sensitive data as it is accessed, shared, and stored beyond the traditional data center.

  • SafeNet ProtectFile: Encrypt the data in and control access to sensitive folders and files
  • SafeNet ProtectV: Securely increase data center virtualization and/or migrate to the cloud

With Gemalto, organizations can centrally, efficiently, and securely store and manage cryptographic keys and policies – across the key management lifecycle and throughout the enterprise.

  • SafeNet KeySecure: Manage cryptographic keys, certificates, and applications with a single, centralized platform
  • SafeNet HSMs: Secure transactions, applications, and sensitive data in a best-in-class hardware security module (HSM)

SafeNet Data-in-Motion Encryption Solutions​

SafeNet Ethernet Encryptors are designed to provide high assurance FIPS, Common Criteria, NATO, and UC APL certified security. These Ethernet Encryptors secure sensitive data more efficiently than higher layer protocols, thereby lowering the cost of network security and compliance. It offers central management that provides ease of administration and audit reporting across multiple circuits and network protocols. We offer a range of Ethernet encryptors up to 100 Gbps.


  • Government and defense-grade assurance certified
  • Certified FIPS, Common Criteria, NATO and UC APL
  • No-compromise certified performance provides exceptional assurance, network performance and peace of mind
    • Near-zero latency
    • Maximum bandwidth
    • Minimum overhead
    • Scalable and flexible
    • Simple to manage
  • Secure transmission of data through Layer 2 networks
  • Defense-grade and ultra-reliable 99.999% up-time data security
  • FPGA flexibility:
    • Field Programmable Gate Array chip technology
    • Provides cut-through architecture
    • Enabling crypto agility and customization
  • Hardware flexibility not enabled by ASICs
  • Our high-speed encryptor technology is used by commercial organizations, service providers and governments in more than 35 countries.

CM7 (formerly CypherManager) management software provides simple, secure remote encryption management either out-of-band – using a dedicated Ethernet management interface – or in-band, using the encrypted Ethernet port. It provides secure local and remote management of the entire CN and CS encryptor range and also acts as the Certificate Authority in a network of encryptors by signing and distributing X.509 certificates.


  • Purpose built graphical management tool
  • Secure in-band and out-of-band remote management using SNMPv3
  • Automatically detects and manages every CN/CS encryptor
  • Real-time display
  • Integrated certificate authority

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