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Pacing up with the current trends can be troublesome if you don’t get the right applications to serve the needs.

In Intellego, we believe that customers’ unique demands are the truthful source in maintaining our values. Be it a startup or a large and established company, we are ready to build software which is specifically tailored to meet your requirements.

With a wealth of experiences in various business domains, we will transform your ideas into a real innovative solution, either by building it from scratch or customizing a pre-developed platform.

We offer you a large variety of software development services, viz.

  • Custom Software Development
  • Web/Mobile Application Development
  • Software Maintenance
  • Software Modernization/Enhancement
  • Software Testing and QA

Our software engineers work with the latest web and mobile development technologies, such as C, C++, Java, DotNet, AngularJS, PHP, and Android. We carefully analyze and ensure that we select the right tech stacks which best fit your project’s requirements.

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Open Source technology has been utilized by many businesses and organizations due to its well-known advantages and capabilities. This technology has lots of potentials which enable people to do things which couldn’t be done with proprietary software.

At Intellego, we have been successfully adopting and implementing the open source technology in various projects and help our customers reduce their costs. We have witnessed the reliability with its high performance during the operations. Furthermore, it offers a more secure and safer environment and known to be highly stable.

We offer you the Open Source technology as part of our IT service in order to help you achieving and improving your IT goals. Our Open Source service includes:

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Software Development
  • Support & Maintenance

Our dedicated team works with the latest open source technology such as Centos, Nginx, Tomcat, Apache, Zabbix, MariaDB, Gallera Cluster, MongoDB, and Liferay, according to the nature of your project.

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Businesses have been growing far and wide with IT experience that keeps on changing. We know that it is not easy for you to follow and take note of all the latest trends in this technology. However, we’re keeping our eyes on it and jot it down for you.

We provide IT consulting service which will help you be ready in this complex and rapid transition. Our team offers you deep and functional expertise which will address your business requirements and generate business values.

By listening to your requirements, we comprehend and analyze your needs thoroughly to best formulate and plan the strategies in order to achieve your goals.

Our consulting service offerings include the following areas:

  • Identity and Access Management System
  • Digital Identity
  • PKI System
  • RFID Implementation
  • Information Security
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We understand that every organization faces challenges in order to adapt with the continuously changing world.

With years of experience across different industries and technologies, we offer project implementation services to help our clients, for both private and public sectors to achieve their specific objectives and tackle those challenges.

We offer a wide range of services, include as follows.

  • Project Management
  • Business Requirement Study
  • System Integration
  • Implementation Services
  • Post Implementation Support
  • Change Management

Depending on the complexity of the project, we assign our dedicated team who has the right skills and expertise to ensure that the best methodologies and tools are used to provide a hassle-free process and deliver the project in the most efficient time possible.

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Technology Stacks

We’re committed to delivering our best services to achieve the highest results.


We’re committed to giving you the best quality of our services by establishing valid and reliable service performance to ensure that it meets your expectation.


We strive to provide our service with the most affordable price while maintaining our competitive rates with others, we guarantee that you will get for what you pay.


We endeavor to give our best service experience by facilitating interaction between you and us with the easiest and fewest steps possible, thus saving your time.

Our Domain Knowledges

Trusted Digital ID

Contact & Contactless Smart Card, Passport (Mifare, NFC, JavaCard, MyKad)


Identity and Access Management (IAM) implementation such as Single Sign-On (SSO)


Digital Signature, Symmetric Cryptosystem, and Asymmetric Cryptosystem

RFID and IoT

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Internet of Things (IoT) implementations

Agile and CI

Agile Software Development Methodology & Continuous Integration (CI)

Enterprise Integration

Enterprise Application Integration implementation such as SOAP, XML, REST


Financial Technology (FinTech) implementation such as eWallet and Payment Gateway


Blockchain technology implementation such as Ethereum and Hyperledger

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Computer Vision (based on OpenCV and Tensorflow)

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