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We provide e-KYC (Electronic Know Your Customer) solution for your company/organization to enable the modern, digital process of customers onboarding. Our main objective is to assist you in verifying the identities of new customers using ID documents (ID Card, Passport or Driving License) and the person behind it which simplifies your onboarding process in a secure way.

When identity matters, trust Jumio

Optimize Conversion

Ensure your users are who they say they are with unrivaled verification accuracy and a seamless customer experience.

Deter & Reduce Fraud

Prevent account takeover and online fraud with our industry-leading ID, document, and identity verification solutions.

Meet Compliance Mandates

Comply with regulations and directives including PCI, AML, KYC, GDPR, and PSD2 with a solution that spans international borders and ID types.

Netverify® ID Verification

Jumio uses a proprietary mix of artificial intelligence, computer vision, and ID experts to determine if an identity document is authentic and belongs to the user. Netverify ID Verification easily integrates into your existing workflows to instantly verify users through a simple API call.

How It Works

Customer is asked to scan their ID document.

ID is authenticated against the unique security features of passports, drivers licenses, and ID cards.

If ID is authentic, customer is cleared. to proceed to next step of the transaction process

Netverify® Identity Verification

Netverify is built for any organization that needs to ensure the person behind a transaction is “present” and whom they say they are. Netverify Identity Verification uses biometric facial recognition, liveness detection and live verification experts to compare a selfie to the picture on the ID supplied.

How It Works

Similarity Check
ID photo matches the user’s selfie.

Validity Check
The selfie is real

• Not cropped from ID
• Not a photo of the ID
• Not from screen, video, or paper
• No filter applied
• Age-difference acceptable
• Face is present and fully visible

Eyeball Tracking
Requires user to follow icon on mobile screen with their eyes as it moves in a random pattern.

Netverify® Document Verification

Netverify Document Verification easily and securely allows customers to perform a high quality scan using their smartphone–even on crumpled documents. It’s the ideal solution to acquire, extract, and verify data from supporting documents such as utility and bank statements. It adds an additional layer of identity proofing needed to know the true identity of your customers.

How It Works

Enables your customers to use their smartphones to quickly scan required documents.

Automatically extracts a wide range of data from Latin-based character documents, regardless of format.

Confirms document authenticity through security checks performed by Jumio’s document experts.

How We’re Different


Jumio is the global leader in this space.  We accept a wide variety of document types — driver’s licenses, passports and national ID cards issued by over 200 countries. We process close to 300,000 verifications every day with some of the largest online brands. 


Based on our benchmark test, Jumio is the MOST accurate solution and that’s not an accident.  We leverage computer vision technology, machine learning and live verification experts to verify ID document credentials.  Jumio has 8 years of experience in online identity verification where we have invested in the technology, ML algorithms, and training our human verifications experts team to improve our ability to detect fraud, but just as important, to improve the user-onboarding eKYC experience (lessen the friction) for your good customers. 

Checking for Fraudulent / Manipulated ID Documents

Jumio ID Verification uses our technology AI to scan the image of an ID document captured via PC webcam or mobile smartphone to identify the presence of security elements including hologram, microprints, MRZ, barcode, font size, manipulated photos, etc.  We have an extensive checklist of ID fraud possibilities to ensure the document is not tampered. 


Our roots have been in identity verification from day 1. Several of our competitors started as data aggregators, not necessarily as “identity” companies. 

User Experience

Jumio demonstrably improves conversion rates by automatically capturing high quality images of the ID and facial portrait, and has the ability to deal with blurred, glared, or tilted IDs. It enables new users to course-correct during the account setup process to increase the probability of successful conversion  

Omnichannel Support

Jumio offers an SDK for native iOS and Android applications as well as solutions for desktop capture, mobile web, and API. This enables banks to support the vast majority of their customers either from their desktop computer, tablet, mobile web, or in-app (SDK) experience.

Compliance Mandates

Jumio is Enterprise-ready. Netverify is KYC, AML, PCI, PSD2, and GDPR compliant and follows strict encryption protocols to protect customers’ data.  

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