IoT Security

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IoT has changed the way we interact with our surroundings and the number of connected things is growing exponentially. This change has opened new economic doors and it comes together with security as a primary concern.

We offer our IoT security solution to safeguard and secure your data from the malicious attacks. Whether the data is at rest or in motion, it needs to be secured from these hacking points: device, cloud infrastructure, and networks.

Securing the Device

Secure your IoT devices with IoT authentication and IoT encryption solutions. By providing authentication to IoT devices, it prevents unauthorized access from accessing your device. This authentication includes the ability to manage multiple users of a single device, which can utilize simple static password/pins, two-factor authentication, digital certificates, or biometrics.

Your data, whether at rest or in motion between the IoT device and back-end systems are both susceptible to data sniffing by hackers. By using IoT encryption, your data will be protected by using the standard cryptographic algorithms, which maintain your data integrity.

Securing the Cloud

The IoT devices are connected to the enterprise or cloud environment which may cause some threats to your data security. With the IoT encryption and cloud security solutions we help to secure your intellectual property in the enterprise or cloud assets.

Securing the Networks

IoT network security has a wider range of communication protocols, standards, and device capabilities which makes it more challenging than the traditional network security. Secure your IoT network by providing traditional endpoint security features, i.e. antivirus, antimalware, firewalls and intrusion prevention, and detection systems.

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