Trusted Digital Identity

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We provide our Trusted Digital Identity solution to remove the hassle of verifying your customers’ digital identities. These Trusted Digital IDs will be created when the information provided has been verified or checked for authenticity.

How It Works


  • Capture identity documents, such as passports or ID cards and extract some information by using image analytics (optical character recognition).
  • Capture biometrics information such as faces and fingerprint using mobile phone, web camera, tablet or kiosk or specialized fingerprint scanner.


  • Verify the authenticity of ID documents with various methods against the ID database.
  • Verify the person who presents the ID documents is who they claim to be.


  • After successfully verifying the identity documents and biometric data, a digital ID will be created.
  • The user can gain access by simply presenting the requested biometric attribute, such as their fingerprint.

Our fully automatic Identity Verification solution includes:

  • Identity document verification – verifying the authenticity of the document
  • Customer authentication –  authenticating the holder as the rightful owner
  • Risk assessment  evaluating the risk linked to a customer through checks on control lists
  • ID verification report – report generation for audit purposes
  • Automatic form filling – easing customer enrollment and limiting manual errors.

Benefits for operators:

  • Minimizes Identity fraud
  • Guarantees secure management of customers’ private data
  • Easy to integrate – can be run in SaaS mode
  • Compliant with increasing security regulations
  • Reduces operating costs associated with document management
  • Improves the customer experience and facilitates the enrollment process
  • Protects your brand reputation

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