Vehicle Identification & Cross Border Monitoring System

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With the increasing number foreign vehicles entering (and leaving) country’s official checkpoint annually, traffic enforcement operations are becoming costly and challenging. Many of these vehicles on the streets, roads, and highways may not comply with local traffic laws, for example, expired road tax and insurance, speeding, unroadworthy, etc. More often than not such violations go undetected until the motorists are stopped by enforcement officers during roadblocks.

Traffic violations may cause accidents which result in the loss of human lives. This imposes hefty costs to the society. Likewise, the lack of effective control mechanism to curb vehicle theft and smuggling, and to collect traffic compounds or summons from traffic offenders, is causing losses to the insurance industry as well as to the government.

Hence, there exists a need for a robust vehicle monitoring system that enables authorities and enforcement agencies to effectively and efficiently respond to traffic violation; and to minimize traffic-related offenses. With such system in place to provide real-time traffic data, the government or local authorities would also be able to manage traffic flow more effectively and to develop a systematic and operative road system.

Highlighted Capabilities

Registration Portal

A mobile-friendly and responsive web portal allows vehicle owners or the owner appointed representatives to register their vehicles before entering the country, and such registration of foreign vehicle requires approval from the relevant authorities of the government.

RFID Tag Issuance

For the vehicle to be identified, a tamper-proof RFID Tag will be issued to the vehicle owner and the tag shall be attached to the windshield (or headlamp) of the vehicle. The system closely tracks the life cycle of the tag.

Vehicle Identification

Using state-of-the-art Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Automated Plate Number Recognition (ANPR) technologies, our system positively identifies the vehicle and further validates the profile of the vehicle.

Collection of Road Charges

The system allows drivers to pay the road charge (if applicable) using various payment options as they enter the country. The amount to be paid is subject to the type of vehicle.

Real-time Data Collection

The system monitors the movement of local and foreign vehicles entering and leaving the border of the country, or at any designated location where enforcement is necessary.


The system allows the enforcement agency to monitor and enforce laws against various traffic offenses (unregistered vehicles, invalid plate number, overstay, etc). Foreign vehicle which commits serious traffic offenses can be barred from leaving the country. Similarly, foreign vehicles with outstanding summons can also be notified as they entered the country.

Reporting and Analytics

The system enables the authority to generate meaningful reports and perform business analytics on registration, traffic and enforcement data.

Stringent System Security Control

Segregation of duties is strictly enforced using the Role Based Access Control (RBAC) mechanism. All critical transactions are logged and digital signed for audit trail purposes. Sensitive data in motion and at rest are encrypted using cryptographic keys generated by FIPS140 certified Hardware Security Module (HSM).

Third Party Integration

The system is developed using open platform. SOAP and REST API are supported to ensure seamless integration with other third-party systems.

How It Works

Figure A illustrates the system components installed at the lane of the official checkpoint and also the identification and enforcement processes that occur as the vehicle enters the lane. The configuration of the system may differ according to requirements and site layout.

Figure B shows how the lane components are connected to the Command Control Center and all the way to the backend system via a private cloud.

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